Dental Crowns in Odessa, TX

Restore Your Smile With Dental Crowns

If you have any broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, you probably understand how it affects your life. Smiling in selfies, eating at restaurants, and greeting new friends can become harder with a damaged tooth. Thankfully, dental crowns can improve the functionality and appearance of your teeth. 

Dental crowns cover your teeth and restore any cosmetic imperfections. Plus, they provide extra support for your damaged tooth, ensuring it stays healthy for longer. Explore our guide below to learn more about these tried-and-true teeth restorations.

A woman dances with her son enjoying the benefits of her dental crowns.
A diagram depicting a dental crown above the worn down tooth it's restoring.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that can cover or replace damaged teeth. They’re usually made with durable, dental-grade resin or porcelain. Our crowns can also completely restore missing teeth!

Crowns are useful for dental problems and procedures such as:

  • Damaged or missing teeth
  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Crown lengthening
  • Decayed teeth

Additionally, our dentist will personalize your restorations to match the color of your smile. They’re comfortable, sturdy, and indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Whether you’re repairing one or several teeth, you can feel confident that our crowns will enhance your stunning smile.

Receiving Your Dental Crowns

Your Consultation

To receive your crowns, you’ll first need to schedule a consultation at Laser Smile Center’s Odessa office. Dr. Mark Rangel and his professional team will deep-clean and assess your teeth during this appointment. 

We’ll also treat any underlying dental problems as necessary. We’ll then take an image of your mouth using our advanced imaging technology and send it to a specialist who creates gorgeous dental prostheses. 

Your Restoration

Once we receive your crowns from the dental lab, we’ll contact you to schedule your restoration appointment. During this visit, we’ll reshape the tooth we’re repairing to make it smoother. Then, Dr. Rangel will use a sturdy dental adhesive that bonds the crown to the tooth. 

After a short waiting period to allow the adhesive to harden, you can leave our office with a smile you’ll love to show off. Not only will these restorations your confidence in your appearance, but they’ll also improve the functionality of your teeth! Eat, speak, and smile again without worrying about your teeth with treatments from Laser Smile Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental crowns last?

Crowns can be a long-term teeth restoration with proper oral hygiene. Luckily, caring for them is easy. Just brush and floss your teeth twice daily to keep your crowns looking and feeling healthy for up to 15 years. 

Along with your daily oral health routine, you can extend the life of your restorations by scheduling dental checkups and cleanings at Dr. Rangel’s Odessa office twice a year. These appointments allow our staff to thoroughly clean your teeth and repair any damage.

What do crowns cost?

Every dental treatment is unique. That means the cost of dental crowns can vary depending on the extent of your procedure. However, you can determine the cost of your restoration by scheduling your consultation at Laser Smile Center.

If you have any questions about financing your dental procedure, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’ll work with you to determine a payment option that fits your budget.

Perfect Your Teeth at Laser Smile Center

At our Odessa, TX dental office, we strive to bring our patients the most advanced restorative dentistry available. Dr. Rangel has years of experience in providing dental crowns for his patients looking to perfect their teeth. We use crowns in a variety of different treatments, including dental implants and bridges. 

Support your teeth and find confidence in your smile. You can learn more about crowns at your consultation. Get started today by contacting our office at (432) 333-6169.