Wisdom Teeth Removal in Odessa, TX

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Safe and Comfortable Wisdom Tooth Removal

We all strive to keep our natural teeth. However, sometimes a tooth becomes too problematic and must be removed for the good of your oral health. This is especially true for wisdom teeth. While some people’s wisdom teeth never cause them issues, they can be a source of pain and serious oral health issues for others. 

You shouldn’t have to suffer with painful or damaging wisdom teeth symptoms. That’s why our Odessa dentist Dr. Rangel of Laser Smile Center offers comfortable wisdom teeth removal. We serve patients from across Odessa as well as neighboring areas.  

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars and the last set of adult teeth to develop, usually between the ages of 16 and 25. Wisdom teeth tend to become a problem because the human jaw has developed in such a way that there’s usually no room for them. When the jaw isn’t large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, they can become impacted, meaning they fail to emerge properly. Impacted teeth of any kind can lead to several painful symptoms. 

Wisdom teeth removal is the most common reason people seek tooth extraction

Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many patients are hesitant to undergo wisdom tooth removal, but Dr. Rangel will only recommend this procedure to patients whose oral health may otherwise suffer. That’s because wisdom teeth can cause serious oral health issues, including:

  • Impaction — Impaction means a tooth has failed to erupt all the way, is erupting at awkward angles, or hasn’t erupted at all. It’s not unheard of for wisdom teeth to grow completely sideways, which can create a host of painful and uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Crowding — Wisdom teeth growing in when you have no space for them often forces your other teeth out of alignment to accommodate them. This can impact the appearance and function of your smile.
  • Cysts — Cysts are pockets of fluid that frequently develop at the roots of wisdom teeth and other impacted or crowded teeth. These are usually dentigerous cysts that are prone to infection. However, even non-infected cysts can begin to absorb the root system of teeth, leading to the breakdown and loss of bone density. This phenomenon is called resorption.
  • Sinus Issues — Your sinuses extend to your eyes, nose, and further back in your upper jaw. When wisdom teeth begin to grow in or become infected, they may put excessive pressure on your sinuses. This can cause pain, discomfort, and an impeded ability to breathe.
  • Infection — Impacted wisdom teeth are much harder to clean, and food particles and bacteria can get trapped between the tooth and the gums. The difficulty involved in keeping these teeth clean makes them prone to infection, which can spread to other teeth as well as the gums. 

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process 

Wisdom teeth removal is very similar to the extraction of other teeth and the steps will be determined based on how your wisdom teeth are developing. Dr. Rangel can remove your wisdom teeth in just one visit to our Odessa office. 

Initial Consultation 

First, your dentist will provide a thorough examination to determine your level of oral health. Using X-rays, Dr. Rangel will determine  if your wisdom teeth are impacted, as well as the level of your impaction. During your consultation, your dentist will also review your medical history and ask you about your oral health goals. Dr. Rangel  may recommend against wisdom teeth removal if they aren’t causing any problems.  


Before your wisdom teeth are removed, we’ll rinse your mouth and apply a local anesthetic to the soft tissues around the wisdom tooth to numb you to any pain. If you experience dental anxiety, we can help you relax and make sure the procedure goes by quickly for you with our sedation dentistry options. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If the tooth is impacted, Dr. Rangel will perform a surgical extraction by making incisions in your gums to expose the entirety of the tooth for removal. Your dentist may also need to break the tooth into pieces to make it easier to extract. 

For a non-impacted tooth, Dr. Rangel will perform a simple extraction. A simple extraction involves loosening the tooth and lifting it out of the socket.              

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

Dr. Rangel recommends getting your wisdom teeth removed as soon as they develop to prevent them from becoming completely embedded in the nerves. Early wisdom teeth removal will help ensure smoother recovery and reduce the chances of complications.

How long does wisdom teeth removal take?

The average time for wisdom teeth removal is 45 minutes or less, though this time frame can vary. Your wisdom teeth removal may take more or less time if you require a simple or surgical extraction, or need multiple teeth removed. Your dentist will give you a more accurate estimate at your consultation or before your appointment.

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

The exact cost of your wisdom teeth removal will vary based on several factors, such as how many wisdom teeth need to be removed, whether you require simple or surgical extraction, and your insurance coverage. Dr. Rangel and the team at Laser Smile Center encourage you to call your dental insurance provider beforehand to learn what coverage your plan will provide. 

We want all of our patients to receive the best care possible. If you need help covering the costs of your procedure, we offer various financing options, including third-party financing through Lending Club

Choose Laser Smile Center For Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Laser Smile Center, our dental team will ensure that your wisdom teeth removal is as quick and comfortable as possible. Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t currently causing problems, your dentist may recommend wisdom teeth removal to prevent problems in the future. 

To learn more about wisdom teeth removal, contact our Odessa, TX office by dialing (432) 333-6169. You can also fill out our contact form and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly. Dr. Rangel is proud to offer his services to patients from across Odessa, including surrounding areas such as West Odessa, Gardendale, and Midland, TX.   


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