Custom Nightguards in Odessa, TX

close up of a woman putting in one of her nightguards

Relieve Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding and clenching is a common habit that puts extreme pressure on your teeth and jaw. Over time, this habit can damage your teeth and strain your jaw. But because clenching and grinding happen while you’re asleep, it can be hard to break the habit. That’s why our expert dentist at Laser Smile Center creates custom nightguards to help our patients find relief from strain. 

Discover how our custom nightguards can help you alleviate the stress on your jaw caused by bruxism in our guide below.

How Do Nightguards Work?

Teeth grinding and clenching is known clinically as bruxism. It’s frequently caused by stress and anxiety, but it also may just be a bad habit to break. Either way, you should find a solution that offsets the strain on your jaw and stops any damage to your teeth. 

Nightguards are specialized mouthguards that we customize to help patients break their harmful teeth grinding habits. They’re made of a soft, durable material that absorbs much of the pressure from your jaws. This appliance also keeps a thick barrier between your teeth to stop them from grinding together and wearing down your enamel.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

During your initial appointment with Dr. Rangel, we’ll take note of your symptoms and pain points before making a detailed impression of your teeth. We’ll use these notes to create a personalized treatment plan that includes a custom nightguard. 

In addition to your nightguard, we may also recommend additional at-home treatments and exercises to help heal your jaw. These may include the following:

  • Stretching and massaging your jaw
  • Avoiding repetitive motions like chewing gum
  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Taking warm Epsom salt baths before bed

Other Nightguards Solutions

Our dentist also creates nightguards made to treat sleep apnea, an uncomfortable condition in which a patient’s airway becomes blocked. These oral appliances are made to hold your airway open for a night of restful, uninterrupted sleep. Discuss sleep apnea, its symptoms, and treatment options during your consultation at our Odessa dental office.

Nightguards Care

Although our nightguards are made of durable materials, it’s still important to care for your mouthguard to ensure you get the most out of it. Your appliance can last up to 10 years with the proper care. 

Follow these steps to extend the life of your nightguard:

  • Thoroughly clean your teeth before use
  • Rinse your nightguard with cool water before and after use
  • Keep it in its hard case
  • Bring it to your dental appointments

Schedule Your Consultation With Dr. Rangel

At Laser Smile Center, our dentist knows how uncomfortable the daytime symptoms of bruxism are. Thankfully, our team is dedicated to finding advanced solutions for all of your dental needs. Personalized nightguards give our patients a comfortable solution for protecting their teeth from damage. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our dentist in Odessa.