Cosmetic Facial Treatments in Odessa, TX

Rejuvenate Youthful Beauty

As you age, your skin changes in a variety of ways. While these changes are natural, they may prevent your skin from highlighting your bone structure and stunning appearance. Fortunately, Dr. Mark Rangel offers two laser cosmetic facial treatments to help reverse the effects of aging on your skin. 

Discover how cosmetic facial treatments in Odessa, TX renew your youthful glow by reading our guide below.

A beautiful woman in a yellow shirt has youthful skin thanks to cosmetic facial procedures.

What Causes Aging?

There are several reasons why your skin begins to look different as you grow older. The causes of aging include:

Adopting a daily skincare routine can help reduce the effects of aging on your skin. But if you’re looking to keep your skin looking more youthful, we’ve got you covered.

Dr. Rangel’s skincare treatments can help your skin retain elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines. These laser cosmetic facial treatments stimulate collagen, a naturally occurring protein that helps your skin look full and moisturized.

A woman with short, white hair smiles. Her skin is moisturized and youthful thanks to cosmetic facial treatments.

Our Laser Cosmetic Facial Treatments


Your skin gradually reduces its collagen production as you age. This reduction can make your skin look and feel thinner, contributing to the signs of aging on your skin. That’s why we offer SmoothLase, a state-of-the-art facial rejuvenation treatment that uses laser technology to help boost collagen formation in the skin.

Many doctors use uncomfortable lasers that leave visible marks to help produce collagen in your skin. Thankfully, Dr. Rangel’s advanced SmoothLase system works from within your mouth, targeting the deep skin tissue that holds your collagen.

It works on all areas of your skin and generally requires as few as three, 30-minute sessions at our office. Plus, there’s no recovery time, so you’ll be able to fit your appointments into your busy schedule. Learn more about this revolutionary aging-reversal process by scheduling your consultation at Laser Smile Center in Odessa, TX.

Liplase cosmetic laser treatment

LipLase®: No Injections!

LipLase is a reliable cosmetic laser system that targets collagen production in and around your lips. This non-invasive procedure plumps your lips by remodeling the collagen and stimulating new production. As a result, you can avoid injections and have luscious lips using state-of-the-art laser technology with Dr. Rangel. 

At Laser Smile Center, our expert team prioritizes providing the most advanced treatments available. LipLase is just one of our procedures that can help you feel more confident about your skin and smile. Additionally, Dr. Rangel’s continuous training and experience help him find the most effective cosmetic solutions for all your needs.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Facial Treatments at Laser Smile Center

Although your skin naturally changes as you age, you don’t have to settle for sagging skin. Dr. Rangel’s advanced laser dentistry solutions can give you fuller-looking lips and skin using SmoothLase and LipLase. These advanced procedures help our patients rejuvenate their youthful skin naturally without injections or surgeries. We’ll just use high-quality dental technology to stimulate brand new collagen production!

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