Patient Reviews at Laser Smile Center

“This place is amazing, very gentle, and professional. Actually listen to what you want as a patient, and respectful of what you want. Will answer all of your questions without being condescending because let’s admit, we aren’t all doctors, yet give you detailed information about all options. The staff is extremely friendly and personable, yet retaining a level of trusted professionalism. Would highly recommend to anyone, even more so of those nervous of going to the dentist, like myself. I can truly say I made the right choice in my selection of dentistry professionals.”

– Devon B.

“Great dental office! Amazing staff, awesome dentist!!”

– Martie C.

“Had a great experience at The Lasers Smile Center very friendly staff Dentist is very professional and, great at his practice. You have to pay in full but, they’ll file your insurance and, you receive your check for the difference from your insurance in a matter of days.”

– Black S.

“Very professional staff and very comfortable decor. Got in, exam and x-rays and extraction in less than two hours. Very painless.”

– John C.

“Smile Center has always been the place I’ve gone to. Now I can say Dr. Rangel is amazing! He made my root canal QUICK and PAINLESS! The staff are literally the best and friendliest, they actually care! The office has always had “cutting edge” technology, now the building has been fully renovated and has the best to offer brand new!”

– Britt S.

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